Which channel for your data collection? 

SatisFactory offers you different channels to collect your data and advises you in your choice.

It is about questionning your customer at the right time with the right collection channel.

From the profil of your audience to the type of the collected data, various elements have to be considered. Based on the customer informations you have and your contact type, there are many ways to collect your data.

Your SatisFactory project manager will be at your side to define your needs and help you choose the collection channel that will correspond to your profile.

Diffusion par Internet

Internet / Mobile Internet diffusion

Different ways of diffusion through Internet / Mobile Internet :

  • Post a direct link on your website
  • Send an email invitation

The emailing tool solution is already incorporated in our multichannel survey solution Sharing-Data. For each survey, you will have the access to all the stats (open rate, survey rate, response rate…etc).

We offer a display suitable for all media: computer screen, digital tablet, mobile.

Diffusion par sms

SMS diffusion

Sending an invitation by SMS is fast and efficient and has the advantage of reaching a large number of people.

Different ways of diffusion through SMS :

  • The SMS will contain a link to the survey
  • The survey is made through SMS (short survey)

Flash Code

FlashCode diffusion

Distribution by FlashCode is innovative even if it is not yet widely used. Smartphone users (iPhone, Samsung Galaxy…)are the main target. Along with a communication campaign, this method has a small cost and a strong image wiith the public.

The FlashCode below leads to a sample questionnaire – To try it : 1-Download a FlashCode app, 2-Scan the code below,3-Anwser to the survey.


Diffusion par borne interactive

Interactive terminal diffusion

This channel has the advantages to reach customers who are unknown to your database. Hence the interactive terminal will be a mean for you to collect new contacts through an onsite survey.

Main features of our interactive terminal :

  • Tactile terminal or keyboard/trackball
  • Customized survey with various templates available
  • Anti-theft system
  • Manufacturer warranty / Phone support / D+2 onsite intervention

Diffusion par serveur vocal

Phone diffusion / IVR diffusion 

Conducting a survey through a phone allows to reach a large number of people and gives high return rate. SatisFactory works with a partner for the incoming and outgoing calls. Our partner is one of the main leaders in France in this field. All calls are made through offices based in France.

IVR can also reach a large number of people. Responding to questionnaires can be done by digital recognition or voice recognition.

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