Expert en feedback management - Spécialiste dans la mise en place de baromètre de satisfaction et d'enquête de satisfaction
Expert en feedback management - Spécialiste dans la mise en place de baromètre et d’enquête de satisfaction
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21 October 2015

Customer satisfaction: involve your employees

Measuring customer satisfaction is a widespread practice in a good many companies. E-mail, SMS, telephone, website, beacons - today all the channels are activated to ask your customers how they feel. Furthermore, faithful to the theories of satisfaction, you regularly monitor your satisfaction barometer, reports, KPIs, customer alerts, etc. You have identified your services’ strengths and areas for improvement. Are these lessons understood by your company’s employees? Do you give them suitable resources to respond to customers’ expectations?

We propose two methods to involve your employees in your approach and to understand their needs within the company.

Your customers’ satisfaction concerns the whole company: the "mirror" survey

Many people think that customer satisfaction only concerns the teams in direct contact with customers. It is true that the latter immediately perceive the customers’ expectations or sticking points. On the other hand, they don’t necessarily have responsibility for the entire production chain. They cannot resolve internal issues alone. This is why all the teams must be involved in the customer satisfaction improvement approach.

The "mirror" survey compares customer satisfaction and the perception the employees have of it: the company asks the employees to put themselves in their customers’ shoes, by assessing the services using the same satisfaction questionnaire.

The "mirror" survey raises awareness across the whole company to consumers’ real expectations. Our experience shows that the respondents generally tend to underestimate customer satisfaction. The "mirror" survey rallies all the company’s departments around the same message "Continue in this direction, our customers are more satisfied than you think". On the other hand, some services can be overestimated. Then you have to get employees to understand that the service provided, which they deem satisfactory or more, is in reality less well received by the customers. Change in moral attitudes, arrival of new competitors: these may be factors which are likely to change customers’ expectations and therefore their satisfaction with a service, although the same quality is delivered.

Employees are also the company’s customers: the "well-being" survey

By placing the customer at the heart of the strategy, the company also places the employee at the heart of its preoccupations. Here we are talking about symmetry of focus: the link between the employee and the customer will be of the same intensity as the link between the company and the employee. Make happy employees out of your employees and they will make happy customers of your customers.

Does the employee feel good within the company? Does he have suitable resources to fulfil this role correctly? The purpose of the "well-being" survey, generally organised by the HRD, is to identify areas for action, to make internal mechanisms more fluid and to improve the daily lives of employees, always with the aim of improving the consumer’s experience.

An employees survey which is properly carried out, and necessarily anonymous, will enable you to identify the drivers behind improving employees satisfaction, department by department. This will enable you to indirectly gain in terms of customer satisfaction, but also to reduce your HR costs (recruitment, training, etc.).

Our customers’ experience: Groupama and Cultura

Download our workshop’s presentation "Customer satisfaction survey - employees satisfaction survey" carried out in September 2013 with feedback from our guest:

Véronique BOLAC - Quality Director - Groupama

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