Expert en feedback management - Spécialiste dans la mise en place de baromètre de satisfaction et d'enquête de satisfaction
Expert en feedback management - Spécialiste dans la mise en place de baromètre et d’enquête de satisfaction
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6 August 2012

Designing an email invitation for a customer satisfaction survey

In order to maximise the return rate of your satisfaction surveys, and to encourage customers to click on a link and access the survey, you must first of all have an email invitation that is easy to read, provides an overview and is dynamic.

Here are a few simple recommendations to help you design and create your email invitation.

Subject line of the email

The subject line of the email invitation is the first thing potential respondents see. It must therefore be concise and powerful.

A good subject line will greatly influence the opening rate of an email.

Here are a few examples :
- Your opinion matters to us
- Because your opinion matters to us
- Following your visit to XXX / Following your stay at XXX
- Your opinion counts
- Because your opinion counts
- Because your opinion is important
- Help us improve XXX’s services
- Your opinion is valuable to us
- Because your opinion is valuable to us
- We care about your satisfaction
- Because we care about your satisfaction
- Your satisfaction, first and foremost
- Comment on XXX
- XXX Satisfaction Survey
- Your satisfaction is our priority
- Because your satisfaction is our priority
- What did you think of XXX ?
- It will only take a few minutes
- 2 minutes to allow us to improve
- 2 minutes of your time

Above all, you must avoid exclamation marks or the names of drugs in the subject line of the email; otherwise, it risks being marked as spam by many ISPs.

Body of the email

In practice, the body of the email must meet several requirements :

Easily understood
Avoid rambling text in this type of email. The introduction should be brief. If a long explanation is needed, it’s better to have a link such as “Find out more”, which leads to a dedicated web page.

Anti-spam filter
The image-to-text ratio must be optimised to enable it to pass through anti-spam filters. Similarly, bright colours like such as red are to be avoided if possible, along with standard terms such as “click here”.

The email invitation should be fully customised in order to make it more readable and attractive to the potential respondent.

You can customise the following :
- Politeness, use the customer’s name: Dear Mr Smith
- The Customer experience: “Following your visit to our Tigery store on 22nd January 2012”
- Email signature: “Mr Martin – Store Manager”

Click to Call
The text should be short and dynamic. The email should only focus on the satisfaction survey. So, avoid multiple commercial links to Internet pages. In general you will, however, find Facebook and Twitter icons leading to the pages of your favourite social networks.

Mirror page and unsubscribe page
The mirror page “If you are unable to see this email properly, please follow this link”, lets all potential respondents see the invitation. We therefore strongly recommend that you set up a link to the mirror page.

The unsubscribe link leads to an unsubscribe form or to an email enabling the respondent to unsubscribe. Please note that an unsubscribe link is a requirement imposed by the CNIL.

Remember that the majority of messaging customers (such as Outlook for example) does not automatically open images. Your email should therefore be understandable even without the images.

The relevance and dynamism of your content is what will largely contribute to the rate of reactivity (number of clicks from the number of emails opened) of your email campaign.


The reminder is a simple method of maximising your return rate without too much effort. Generally, we recommend a reminder after five days, given the shelf life of a standard email is 48 hours.

The subject of the reminder may be similar to the first one. We do recommend, however, that you add the word “Reminder” in front of the chosen subject, to show that it is a reminder and not the same email again.

The body of the email can be modified to convey a sense of urgent action: Please note: just ten days left to reply to our survey” or “Attention, just ten more days to help us serve you better”.

Pay attention to the number of reminders you send : we recommend no more than 2 (that is, 3 emails in total) while a single reminder is the norm. Beyond this, you risk annoying your potential respondents and getting marked as spam.

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