Expert en feedback management - Spécialiste dans la mise en place de baromètre de satisfaction et d'enquête de satisfaction
Expert en feedback management - Spécialiste dans la mise en place de baromètre et d’enquête de satisfaction
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28 June 2013

How to choose your attitude scale for your customer satisfaction survey ?

The choice of attitude scale in a survey or barometer, and more generally as a way of listening to the customer, is crucial: to better understand changes over time, to inform your teams and to compare yourself to your competitors…

The first rule of thumb is 1 SURVEY = 1 SCALE always in the same direction. Throughout your survey, you should only offer one scale of the same order to prevent your respondent from making a mistake.

Then, the choice of measuring scale methods should be made taking the following into account :

For respondents :
- Be understandable and simple, with a clear meaning
- Be suitable for the different kinds of data gathering: collection: telephone, face to face, self-administered, by letter or email
- Possibly be suitable for international collection

For the study :
- Possibly be suitable for international collection
- Facilitate statistical processing (calculations, groupings)

To communicate the results :
- Easy to explain and translate into action plans

Below please find a list of the scales normally used with their advantages and limits :

Our advice for your online customer satisfaction surveys :

1. Do not hesitate to use double or even triple indications (numeric, semantic, icons, colours) for example :

2. The highest number in your scale must always correspond to the highest category in terms of satisfaction.

3. Choose an even scale to oblige your respondent to express an opinion, leaving him the option of not replying by offering an N/A box to tick (this may be the case particularly for after-sales service and complaints).

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