Expert en feedback management - Spécialiste dans la mise en place de baromètre de satisfaction et d'enquête de satisfaction
Expert en feedback management - Spécialiste dans la mise en place de baromètre et d’enquête de satisfaction
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15 September 2011

How to improve your customer satisfaction

Once you understand the ins and outs of customer satisfaction (using, in particular, the importance/satisfaction matrix), you are in a position to enhance customer satisfaction through targeted actions.

1) Services and products at the heart of customer satisfaction

You can’t improve customer satisfaction but you can improve its attributes. Indeed, customer satisfaction per se is too vague a concept, and not conducive to operational actions. So to say that we will improve customer satisfaction of a restaurant is too imprecise, while acting on its attributes: service, food quality, setting and décor, makes more sense.

We now see 2 types of actions that may be implemented :

- Improving the processes related to service attributes such as cleaning, hospitality, after-sales service etc...
- Investing in infrastructures for product attributes such as bed linens for a hotel, restaurant décor etc…

2) ROI approach to customer satisfaction

In all cases, working to improve customer satisfaction will probably involve some investment. That is why the ROI approach to improving customer satisfaction is fundamental.

Understanding what one point of customer satisfaction means for company sales is therefore a prerequisite before any presentation to senior management.

If improving customer satisfaction of a product attribute is easy to quantify, (as it is simply an investment), it is generally more difficult to measure the cost associated with improving a process. Indeed, the scope is broader and may cover, for example, redesigning the process in question, internal training, and internal and external communication to give notice of those changes.

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