Expert en feedback management - Spécialiste dans la mise en place de baromètre de satisfaction et d'enquête de satisfaction
Expert en feedback management - Spécialiste dans la mise en place de baromètre et d’enquête de satisfaction
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10 February 2015

Satisfaction surveys: let your customers know about the results!

As part of your strategy to put the customer at the heart of your organisation, you’ve set up a real-time survey to measure customer satisfaction.

Now that your system is up and running, you’ve put together a corrective action plan after analysing the results.

At the same time, you’ve sent the results to your employees to unite them around your strategy. Circulating these results helps to improve the quality of your services, as well as handle dissatisfaction in a reactive way.

So what if you now sent them to your customers?

Why send the satisfaction survey results to your customers ?

Clearly communicating with your customers about the results is essential to ensuring they continue to provide their feedback.

Although companies have long preferred discretion over publicly exposing sources of customer dissatisfaction, the trend now seems to be reversing and companies appear to be proactive on this subject.

By communicating the results of your survey you can deliver many messages:

1) Translate the survey into concrete results
Sharing results is a way to present the corrective actions put in place following your satisfaction survey.
It is an opportunity to show customers that their opinions are being taken into account as a matter of course.

2) Customer attentiveness and recognition
« You expressed your opinion and we listened », is the message you communicate to your customers when you get back to them after they give their view.

When your customers take your survey, they want to express their needs so that you can take them into account.

In your satisfaction measurement system, it could be that only customers who have signed up for an alert or reminder are liable to receive a message from you after the survey.

By presenting your action plan to your customers, you’re showing that they’re important and that their opinion helps to improve your services.
Use your results to optimise the customer experience and engage customers in your approach. The idea is also to make your customers enthusiastic so that they take part in other surveys.

3) Transparency
Honesty is a key element for maintaining a relationship of trust and dialogue with your customers. Show that you can take both good and bad feedback. The goal is to build bases for improving your services or products. This is an opportunity to conduct a review and thank customers for taking part in the survey.

4) Brand image
Show the company’s commitment to improving its services and satisfying its customers. By communicating, you’re aiming to show customers that rather than wasting their time they’re making a real contribution to improving your services.
Similarly, a company that takes the time to respond to dissatisfaction following a survey conveys an image of attentiveness and consideration towards customers.

What tools are at your disposal for communicating?

Point-of-sale displays
Display the results and/or the measures taken following your survey directly at your points of sale (e.g.: if you have a recurring comment concerning the in-store greeting, highlight it at that point, which will allow customers to directly observe the improvement that’s been made).

The car servicing group Speedy rewards its best centres every month as part of the "Customer satisfaction trophies". Centres in the top three (out of the chain’s 460) are given a trophy, which they proudly display in their centre.

Annual email campaign
Integrate your communication directly into your customer emails or newsletters. You can also make this a recurring section by analysing something that has been improved in each edition.

Adaptation in the questionnaire
Put a message at the end of your questionnaires to tell your respondents about the actions put in place.

MMV holiday club notify its customers about the improvements made in their hôtels at the end of their questionnaire : changes in the breakfast menu, activities for the teenagers… (Questionnaire 2013)

Publication on the Internet/in the press
Turn your survey result communications into a communication drive all on its own: consider publishing a page for your customers’ attention. This has a double impact: as well as reaching those who took your survey, you convey a positive image of your company.

As part of its "Fast" satisfaction survey, the Lafarge group communicates about the results of its satisfaction survey through a leaflet presenting the results, the group’s strategy and its commitments for the future, etc.


Communicating about the results of your satisfaction surveys firmly fixes your company’s customer-centric strategy in your customers’ minds.

So don’t delay and start preparing your strategy to communicate your results!

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Christina LIM
Communication and Marketing Manager

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