And if the research and marketing departments stopped producing reporting pages that no one consults, but also to choose tools that are too complex and prevent operational staff from to act?

Even today, the results of the The Customer's voice remains indigestible and difficult to use for the teams in the field. Sometimes they do not even have access to information and cannot therefore act accordingly.

However, Feedback Management has a main vocation: to engage the company in an improvement process continues. And it is by sharing customer feedback with teams on the that they will be able to act accordingly and optimize the customer experience.

This includes sending reports simple and readable with a fine selection of the data to be used, the setting to ergonomic tools, but also and above all a change of culture: move from a Top-Down approach to a Bottom-Up approach to give back power to employees who experience the customer on a daily basis.

To enlighten you on this subject, SatisFactory, organizes a conference on Wednesday, April 10 at 10:15 am on the Customer Strategy exhibition (Porte de Versailles in Paris). The objective is to provide you with answers on how to use the Voice of the Customer and implement concrete actions.

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