The measurement of customer satisfaction has become essential information for companies. It enables us to know whether the products or services offered correspond to consumer expectations, but also to identify potential areas for progress. So, which customer satisfaction indicator should you choose? SatisFactory, specialist in feedback management, offers you to discover in this article 5 key indicators to monitor customer satisfaction.

Indicator Satisfaction #1: CSAT

The CSAT - or Customer Satisfaction Score - is the basic indicator for evaluating the customer satisfaction rate. Indeed, it is quite simply a question of measure the level of customer satisfaction with a simple question from the type " Are you satisfied with the services/products offered by our company? ». The respondent will then be asked to respond on a scale ranging from from classically 1 to 5. Once the panel's responses are obtained, it will be sufficient to to divide the number of positive responses by the number of negative responses to obtain the CSAT.

Indicator satisfaction no. 2: expectation vs. perception of the benefit

One another indicator of client satisfaction to ask respondents to give their opinion on different aspects of your service or product. Similarly, the answer will be in the form of a 5 levels, from "strongly disagree" to "strongly disagree". All right". If she asks respondents to spend a little more time that for the first indicator, this method provides more information and is particularly useful for identifying the weak points of your offer.

Indicator satisfaction n°3: the NPS

The customer satisfaction measurement can also be done via NPS or Net Promoter Score. Rather than questioning the satisfaction rate itself, he The question here is whether your company would be recommended to its close. Indeed, what better publicity than a recommendation made by someone you trust? To do so, simply ask the answering whether they would recommend your company on a scale of 1 to 10. The NPS is then calculated as the difference between the percentage of promoters (responding 9 or 10) and detractors (responding between 1 and 6).

Indicator satisfaction no. 4: the intention to renew

A another way to find out whether customers are satisfied with their purchase and their propensity to renew it. Indeed, a renewed purchase is a guarantee of confidence in the product or service, but it is also the assurance of a regular income for the company. To do this, simply ask the customer if, following his first purchase, he intends to renew it. LA on a scale of 1 to 10, and will allow you to have a good barometer of customer satisfaction.

Indicator satisfaction no. 5: the ESC

Finally, the last indicator on our list is relatively recent: it is of the Customer Effort Score. It differs somewhat from the other indicators since it is interested in the level of effort made by the consumer to ensure that his request be met. So, we're going to ask a question like "What level of effort did you have to put in for your application to be treated? ». The consumer will respond on a scale of 1 to 5, 5 being a maximum level of effort, and therefore problematic for the company.

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