Nowadays, knowledge and measurement of customer satisfaction has become a profitable tool in its own right. A satisfied customer will tell 3 people about your offer. A dissatisfied customer will tell 10 about it. Managing satisfaction (or dissatisfaction) is therefore decisive for your company's image as much as for your profitability.
Satisfactory, a specialist in feedback management, invites you to discover its offer for managing customer satisfaction.

Why is customer satisfaction measurement a key factor in the an essential element of your strategy?

Customer satisfaction has become an essential focus for several sectors of your company:

  • The image of your company. Nowadays, customers can simply deposit their notice of the offer. Different websites can allow customers to give a note on your offer. These opinions are reflected on Google. Obviously one bad rating on sites like Igraal, Verified Reviews or even Google leads to an impact on your brand awareness.
  • Marketing and customer acquisition. A company that understands the nature of its measurement of customer satisfaction and which integrates it into its strategy will have a new tool for conquering as a client. Word of mouth is an effective marketing weapon. A customer satisfied with the offer will talk to 3 people. New customers will be therefore conquer more easily.
  • The figure of business. This point follows from the 2 previous ones. Satisfied customers with your company and offer will be better able to talk about your product around of you. This saves you marketing budget while developing turnover.
  • The management of your teams. In some companies, customer relationship management, customer relationship management is a pole in its own right. Entire teams are dedicated to listening and the response of the different customer cases. These are human resources &. important financial resources that must be mobilized.

Why choose your feedback tool? management with Satisfactory?

Today, several tools are available to you allow to collect customer data and thus to detect the points of your offer. Customer satisfaction can be managed before your project, through market research or survey questionnaires of customer satisfaction.

Thereafter, different platforms allow you to collect feedback management information: CRM. Collaborative tools, social networks, sites specially dedicated to collection....

Satisfactory allows you to connect this data ecosystem in order to centralize customer satisfaction on a one and the same platform. This way, you can connect your own feedback management. It collects the various data that emerge in the form of graphs, statistics... You will thus have an optimal visibility on the quality of your offer. You are also free to determine steps for specific measures of customer satisfaction based on the journey customer.

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