The consumer satisfactionis central to your business being able to thrive. However, it can sometimes be difficult to evaluate and analyze it. With Satisfactory, discover why it is important to measure customer satisfaction and how our solution supports you in this feedback management process.

Why measure customer satisfaction?

Genuine As a strategic element, customer satisfaction is a dimension to be taken into account only when it comes to the not to neglect. No matter what market you are in, your product or service will be in competition with other companies. Differentiate from other market players has therefore become indispensable, if not vital. It has been proven that performance improvement is linked to satisfaction. client. Conversely, dissatisfaction leads to customer erosion. Therefore, it is essential to retain your customers so that they will be able to come back to you. trust each other for as long as possible. Indeed, a client will be more inclined to increase the volume of purchases by example. In addition, knowing the degree of satisfaction of your customers gives you a real advantage and will allow you to better control your business. Know the elements of satisfaction and dissatisfaction of your business. customer will allow you to adjust and implement corrective actions. In this way, you will improve yourself and reduce weak points that can harm your business.

Scale of customer satisfaction: how to measure it?

Many methods exist to measure customer satisfaction and draw conclusions. First, the Net Promoter Score (NPS), a leading indicator of customer satisfaction, is mainly based on giving a score from 1 to 10, which should correspond to your ability to recommend a company, service or product to your family and friends. A relatively reliable indicator: we are increasingly concerned about the recommendations of our friends and family. For your satisfaction survey, you can also use the Customer Satisfaction Score. The most widespread indicator to date: it takes the form of a questionnaire with five possible answers, namely: not at all satisfied / not satisfied / neutral / satisfied / very satisfied. Finally, you can use the Customer Effort Score for your customer satisfaction evaluation. The latter allows you to evaluate on a scale from 1 to 5 the level of effort you had to put in to obtain the satisfaction of your customers. This is an interesting indicator because it focuses primarily on the consumer's efforts.

Our customer solution satisfaction evaluation

For to guarantee your customer satisfaction, Satisfactory provides you with a complete feedback management solution with a range of functionalities. Fully customizable dashboards to highlight the most important aspects of the indicators that are important for your business. A system of notifications automated, allowing you to be kept informed of dissatisfactions and take prompt corrective action. With an approach on all sectors of activity, we can intervene at the different stages of your projects. projects to find new areas for improvement.

You wish to set up a feedback management solution for your business? Do not hesitate to contact our teams on +33 (0)1 75 77 27 20 or by phone at email. We will accompany you in all your satisfaction projects. client.