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ISO-27001 compatible

Our Feedback platform meets the vast majority of the requirements of the ISO-27001 standard and SatisFactory is committed to 56 security points (environment, data, access, networks, BCP, DRP, etc.).

  • All web transactions are secured in HTTPS format
  • All interactions with external systems are done through secure APIs

A Security Assurance Plan (SAP) can be put in place at the beginning of our collaboration to ensure that your security constraints are met within the framework of our collaboration.

An always available platform

Feedback is a high availability solution. All our services are redundant and monitored 24/7 by on-call personnel.

All of our services are monitored so that we are alerted to the slightest interruption in service. This is what allows us to offer you a service of optimal quality.

You can follow the health of our platform here:

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RGPD Compliance

The platform is fully RGPD compatible.

You declare your personal metadata directly in the solution as well as the duration of their retention.



We make a backup of our data every day for 7 days, every week for 4 weeks and every month for 3 months.

These backups are performed on servers located in different locations.



Our data is hosted by Iliad in Vitry sur Seine, near Paris.

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