The features of Feedback

Discover how our SaaS Feedback platform allows you to enrich your understanding of the customer experience.

Measure your customers' satisfaction on the spot

Ask your customers after an interaction

Real-time customer feedback with personalized questionnaires on the most appropriate channels:

Email, SMS, website, IVR (Interactive Voice Response), telephone surveys...

Centralize feedback from review platforms

Follow-up of your satisfaction surveys and review sites results in our Feedback platform.

We integrate reviews from the following sites:
Google reviews, Facebook, TripAdvisor, Booking, Zoover, Trustpilot, La Fourchette,

Recover 2 years of history when you activate your account. It is also possible to follow the scores of your competitors.

Manage your results

Monitor your customers' journey in real time

Track performance at key moments and identify irritants to improve the customer experience.

Examples of key moments monitored:
On-site purchase, online purchase, agency visit, contact with Customer Service, hotel or club stay, complaint, connection to the online customerarea ...

Customize and share your dashboards

Track the most relevant indicators for you, directly on your homepage. Share with your organization without limit, including unlimited view-only access to our Feedback platform.

Example of dashboards:
Evolution of your indicators (NPS, satisfaction rate...), top / flop by sales outlet...

Drive results in your organization

Real-time comparison of the performance of your outlets, restaurants, hotels, clubs... within your organization.

Identification of the competitors of your points of sale and direct comparison on the key indicators of the chosen sites: Google rating, TripAdvisor score, Booking...

Improve the customer experience in real time

Easily leverage customer feedback with AI

Facilitates real-time understanding of qualitative and quantitative data:

  • Immediate identification of satisfaction and dissatisfaction levers.
  • Analysis of the elements contributing to the evolution of your indicators over a given period

Quickly understand comment trends

Automated analysis of all customer reviews on the different platforms of your choice (Google, Facebook, Booking...).

Feedback indicating a favorable or unfavorable opinion on a key moment or a specific attribute to help better understand the customer experience.

Alerts in case of abnormal activity detection

Automated notifications in case of abnormal drop of an indicator or new topics appearing in customer comments.

These alerts allow you to be as responsive as possible to the indicators that are most useful to your business and preserve the customer experience with your brand.

Available on the platform and by email.

Optimize your e-reputation

Increase the volume of reviews on your Google pages and improve your SEO

Send a post-purchase email with a link to your Google review pages. Follow the evolution of the scores of your points of sale or e-commerce sites and those of your competitors.


Engage your employees

Identify and deal with customer detractors

Set up rules to send notifications based on responses to closed-ended questions, review site scores and comment type.

Management of responses to your customers from our Feedback platform or from your CRM.

Customer care, via phone call, email or send your answer directly to the review sites. To simplify responses, a library of sample responses is available.

Animate your network with the management of action plans

Create and share action plans within your organization.

This way you promote the sharing of good practices.

Employees can vote for the most effective action plans.

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