Feedback Management,

a solution integrated into an ecosystem

Today, there are many sources of customer satisfaction, both spontaneous (online reviews, social networks) and solicited (online surveys and questionnaires). 88%* of professionals agree that customers are more eager than ever to share their experience, whether positive or negative. That's why it's crucial to be ahead of the curve by collecting customer feedback through the channel that you feel is most relevant to your target audience.

Our Feedback Management solution will allow you to collect customer feedback after one or more interactions and thus monitor your entire customer journey. The diversity of collection methods and communication channels is such that you save precious time by gathering all the customer feedback within the same customer feedback management platform.

Integrating Feedback Management into your existing IT ecosystem is a must because it allows you to automate information flows, secure customer data and engage all your collaborators around the same tool.

Feedback is an open solution

Because it is important to make it easy for you to use, our Feedback solution can be natively connected to more than 100 CRM or Information System (IS) solutions.

We can also carry out operations of reprocessing of your data to make them more exploitable by your operational.

Retrieving your contacts has never been easier. Your entire ecosystem can communicate and this saves you from data manipulation, errors and laborious extractions.

Non-exhaustive list of available connectors:

Microsoft Azure
Amazon webservices
Google Cloud Platform
Sage X3
Sugar CRM
Service Now

We can send back satisfaction data or customer alerts:

An API-based solution

Our Feedback platform is developed on a fully API-based model.

Our API documentation is directly accessible from this site.

You can thus carry out your targeting by pushing your contacts directly into our solution.

You can also integrate the data back into your CRM by querying our APIs.

Integration of feedback collection solutions

Our Feedback platform is a tool for centralizing the voice of the customer, regardless of how it is collected.

By questionnaire via platforms such as :

Alchemer (SurveyGizmo), Survey Monkey, Google Forms, Sphinx, Typeform...

By IVR (Interactive Voice Response) or SMS for example via platforms such as :

Vocalcom, Diabolocom, Mtarget, SMS sending...

Connection to social networks and review sites

Our Feedback platform collects data (ratings and comments) from social networks and review sites such as :

Google, Facebook, TripAdvisor, Booking, Zoover,, Thefork, Trustpilot...

When your offer is set up on Feedback, we take a history of these reviews for analysis.

You can also compare your scores on these platforms with those of your competitors.

* HubSpot 2020

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