Enhance the experience
of your customers.
Boost your

Customer survey and feedback solutions


Increase your NPS

Drive and centralize
the voice of the customer

Boost customer reviews
and your web visibility

Our SaaS Feedback platform

allows you to perform many actions of Feedback Management:

Measure your customers' satisfaction on the spot

Collection of customer feedback from personalized questionnaires and review sites.

  • Multi-channel surveys: email, SMS, website, IVR...
  • Google reviews, TripAdvisor, Booking...
  • Easy integration with your IT ecosystem

Manage your results

Provision of the indicators necessary for a good understanding of your results to challenge your teams and perform.

  • Customize and share your dashboards and reports
  • Real-time tracking of customer journey performance
  • Comparison between your different points of sales, regions...

Improve the customer experience in real time

Easier use of feedback thanks to AI and semantic analysis.

  • Immediate identification of satisfaction and dissatisfaction drivers
  • Semantic analysis of comments
  • Notification in case of abnormal evolution of your indicators

Optimize your e-reputation

Solicit your customers to rate you on Google and increase the volume of your online reviews.

  • Increase the volume of your Google reviews
  • Real-time tracking of scores and comments
  • Comparison of results with competitors

Engage your employees

Identify detractors and animate your network with results that speak to everyone.

  • Notification in case of detractors and response management
  • Sharing best practices within your organization
  • Follow-up and sharing of objectives

Take advantage of our support

All our offers include a Customer Success Manager (CSM).

Your CSM makes it easy for you to get started with the SaaS Feedback solution; you are autonomous but you can count on the support of SatisFactory teams and their 13 years of expertise.

With SatisFactory's Feedback solution, operational teams can monitor and analyze their customers' satisfaction in real time and thus implement corrective action plans andcontinuous improvement.

Karine Boudia - Suez

SatisFactory has allowed us to get closer to our customers, to better understand their expectations and to aim for operational excellence.

Claire Dierkens - Auchan

Feedback is a powerful tool that allows us to respond more easily and quickly to customer feedback.

Margaux Michelet - AUTOBACS

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