How to take advantage of the growing importance of Google reviews on your SEO?

How can you increase the confidence of your prospects and encourage contact?

Read this article to find out.

Google is the fastest-growing opinion site

According to a local Bright survey of 50,000 businesses in 2019, Google's review volume grew much faster than that of competitors such as Facebook and Yelp: +278% of Google's review volume in 2019 vs. 2018.

Google has established itself as the world's leading opinion collector. Including in tourism, Google is ahead of TripAdvisor and Booking, with 75% growth in opinions on Google vs +10% on Booking and -21% on TripAdvisor over 2019 vs 2018 according to a Revinate study.

Surprisingly, Google is often the most cited by Internet users as the most credible source for opinions.

Okay, so Google has once again become the strongest in a new field, that of customer reviews.

In addition, Google's algorithm takes customer reviews into account in its criteria for the referencing of your website. This is why it is important to pay attention to it.

An example with Léon de Bruxelles

This example illustrates Google's notice policy: they put their views prominently and those of others far down the page.

Search on "Léon de Bruxelles porte Maillot". At the top of the Google page (on the right of the screen) :

At the bottom of the page, Google displays the opinions collected by third parties.

The display would have been the same if the volume of notices collected by third parties had been higher than for Google notices.

Search Engine Optimization and Google My Business

Google My Business (GMB) is Google's free tool that allows businesses to appear in search results and on Google Maps.

GMB allows you to display opening hours, a contact number, an address, an overview of your products and the opinions of your customers. Updating your Google My Business account helps to improve your visibility.

A GMB establishment or page account card, containing information such as a description, photos, a high volume of notices and a good score, even if it is ranked 4th, can generate more contacts than a poorly enriched card ranked 1st.

So soliciting your customers to increase your volume of opinions and taking care of the customer experience are two important levers for your SEO.

But not that, we're also going to have to respond to negative opinions...

Respond to notices

Reassure yourself that everyone has negative opinions on the Internet and it is even suspicious not to have any. Numerous studies show that Internet users are distrustful of sites that display 5-star scores.

The important thing is to show that you respond to it. The challenge is to personalize your answers and respond quickly.


In summary, the elements to be taken into account to better reference your site and increase the confidence of your prospects:

  • the volume of notices,
  • their recency,
  • the score
  • responses to customers

We hope this article has interested you, please contact us for tips on how to boost Google Reviews and your score.